Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the Forge

The creative fire burns in all of us, and tapping into that flame is the quest of every artistic soul. "From the forge" is a phrase that popps into my mind continually. For me it symbolizes anything that is born during a moment of intense creative passion. Ideas from the forge are striking in their beauty, astonishing in their uniqueness, and inspiring in their form. I live for the thrill of seeing something new, and the surprise of watching it unfold for the very first time.

My vow to you, the reader, is that this will never be a blog about the mundane things that Tom Abbott is doing. No one wants to read a minute by minute update of every moment of someone else's life. This will never be a blog about my five favorite kinds of soda pop (unless I have something relevant to say on the matter), life from the point of view of my cat (unless I have some striking new insight in the way they live their lives), or preachy diatribes and political rants (unless they're well thought-out, honest, and respectful).

I also promise to keep my posts short. :)

Short, and always, straight from the forge.

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